Our lecture series continues

Next up in our continuing lecture series regarding music and health, we have a wonderful presentation by rock music writer and visiting music historian Rob Collins. Rob has written a book on the Fab Four and their fabled trip to India, entitled Baby’s in Bombay, how the Beatles found their adult sound with the Maharishi.



Rob will be discussing the motivations for the group seeking spiritual guidance in India, and he will show us how their views on health, inner peace, and physical wellness changed while abroad. We’ll learn about how all the Beatles, but particularly George Harrison, changed their entire worldviews, and wanted to start making music that had spiritual healing power.


The lecture will be full of musical excerpts, as well as some of the least publicized film footage of the Fab Four during their time in India. Rob will also demonstrate how well-known songs like Within You Without You and Tomorrow Never Knows use sounds traditionally associated with the chakras to have tangible physical health effects on the listener.


Also this week:



The Kutztown Cooperative hosts the annual Musik Museum Make Some Noise fundraiser! We’ll be sharing our space with some of the cooks from the Coop, and we’ll also be hosting live performances from several local groups. Entrance is by donation, and there will be light refreshments for all attendees courtesy of the Coop. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 for renovations to the performance hall here at the Museum.