Music and wellness: a new partnership with the Kutztown Cooperative including music therapy, nutritional workshops, the history of musical shamans, juicers, and more

We’re super excited to unveil our latest themed program for the upcoming exhibition season:


Musik Therapy

Music as a form of healing through history

Throughout our season, we’ll be partnering with both musicians and local health and wellness groups to explore some of the roles music has played in healing throughout history and into the present day.


Through historical lectures, and presentations by indigenous healers from Native American tribes, we will look at how the role of the shaman in many traditional cultures is deeply connected to music and performance. Look out for interactive workshops with traditional healing instruments, mantras, and other elements to come!


In our upcoming lecture series, we’ll also explore how elements of health culture have made their way into popular music, such as The Beatles’ famous trip to India, as well as the outspoken veganism of groups like The Smiths.


Our friends at the Kutztown Cooperative will be helping out with the whole season, as one of our corporate partners. They’ve generously supported us with catering in the past, and we look forward to hosting their wonderful cooks and delicious meals at events through the season. On the agenda will be a workshop focused on juicing for wellness in cooperation with, as made popular by many Eastern “cleansing” practices, as well as a Taste of the Maharishi workshop, in which we’ll taste some of the foods the Fab Four would have eaten on their trip to the East!


Lectures and workshops every Sunday afternoon!


-Modern music therapy


Researcher and musicologist Andrew Carter will be presenting the most recent findings on music’s effect on brain circuitry, mental health, and physical well-being. His research finds promising correlations between musical rhythms and stress relief and heart attack prevention, among other exciting developments. An excellent lecture for the scientific patrons out there!


-Music as a form of healing through history

For this lecture, we’ll be visited by two eminent scholars, musicologist Rebecca Goldsmith, and anthropologist Nancy Lyman. Ms. Goldsmith has spent a great deal of time working with shamanic cultures in Africa and the Asian subcontinent. She’s interested in the ways in which music continues to be a primary piece of the health equation in modern alternative medicine, through pitch healing and more. Ms. Lyman has made a life’s work of studying music cross-culturally, and she will present to us how the music of the healer is reflected all around the world.


-Music as a part of a well-rounded health program


In our final lecture of the series, we’ll be joined by Kindermusik founder Bryn Terfel, as well as Rowan Felders, a music therapist who works with geriatric persons around the USA. They’ll be discussing how music can play a vital role in preserving memory functions through life, no matter one’s age. They’ll also be talking about the ways in which regular musical participation can benefit one’s physical condition as well as mental health.


It’s shaping up to be a very exciting year here at the Musik Museum: stop by and see us soon to pick up a season brochure!

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