Time to Drink

The museum where I work has started to get unbearably hot again in some areas. Many of the back rooms and the main offices become absolutely sweltering during midday. Quite recently some of my interns suggested getting a water filter pitcher so that we would all have a clean source of water. This was an amazing idea, so much so that I was completely shocked to find out we didn’t already have one. Staying hydrated is absolutely vital when working.

There are countless benefits to staying hydrated, especially when working. I thought that I would write a brief article on just a few of the benefits that staying hydrated holds. I hope that you learn something new and remember to stay hydrated at all times during this hot weather. Nothing is more important than drinking water.


Battles Tiredness

Woman drinking water

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated in order to battle tiredness and general fatigue. It is impossible to maintain a constant work ethic if you are dehydrated. Water is, in fact, one of the most vital sources of energy for your whole body. Water aids cells’ enzymatic activities which in turn provide you with a good sleep pattern, amplifies the production of energy and helps to restore many of the body’s functions.

Reduces the Risk of High Blood Pressure


On average, when a body is fully hydrated the content within the blood is made up of around 92% water. This water keeps the blood cells moving smoothly around the body’s various arteries and veins. This smooth movement aided by water helps to prevent the risk of high blood pressure as the blood cells are kept flowing down a continuous pathway.

Reduces Acne and Aging of the Skin


When the body is not hydrated, our skin tends to not be able to get rid of the toxins that are present on the surface. The skin then becomes irritated and inflamed which has the very likely outcome of causing skin issues such as acne and dermatitis. Hydrated skin also appears to age quicker as these toxins cannot be gotten rid of easily.


Prevents Digestive Problems

Person with stomach ache

Water tends to eliminate stomach ulcers as well as reduce the presence of gas and acid in the stomach itself. Water also helps to keep substances moving through the intestines, therefore reducing the frequency of bloating and constipation. Having enough water in your body also purges any harmful toxins that may be causing digestive issues.

Remove Excess Bacteria from Kidneys

It is well documented that people who remain hydrated tend to experience less kidney and bladder infections than those who do not remain hydrated. This is because water helps the body to remove any excess microbes that may be present in the bladder or kidney. A constant flow of water in the body will help to eliminate any excess bacteria or toxins and will keep your kidneys and bladder safe from infection. It is also important to drink filtered water that has removed any harmful contaminants.